Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Tourism Bank membership request initially was agreed by UNWTO in 2014, and then in general assembly in 2015, which was held in Medlin-Colombia, official membership of Bank dependently was approved by the assembly.
In granted certificate by UNWTO to Gardeshgari (Tourism) Bank that was signed by Mr. Taleb Rafaee, the chief of this organization, Tourism Global organization agreed with permanent membership of bank in UNWTO. Tourism Bank is the first bank in the world that has become the member of Tourism Global Organization.
Tourism Bank by adopting a principled and wide spread strategy in banking system, follows its activities with goal and planning, that membership in Tourism Global Organization is one of said activities.

About Tourism Bank

By virtue of permission of Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran, Tourism Bank was established on 28.12.2010. The Bank was then listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange on 25.07.2011, and its shares were traded on 27.07.2011, for the first time.
The most important activities of the Bank include: Opening and maintaining current and saving accounts, short or long term investment accounts, financing tourism projects, issuing various bank cards, credit facilities and advances based on Iran’s banking regulations.