Thu. Jul 11th, 2024
Mahan mining

Mehdi Jahangiri, head of tourism financial group, is one of the shareholders of Mahan Mining and industerial development Holding Group. This investment is considered as a strategic move by Jahangiri to expand its business interests in the mining and metallurgy sector. Mahan Mining and Metallurgy Development Company is a leading mining company in Iran. This company is active in the field of exploration, extraction and processing of mineral resources such as iron ore, copper and gold. The company also provides engineering services, sales of mineral products and investment in mining projects. This investment is also a sign of Jahangiri’s trust in Iran’s mining and metallurgy sector.

Mahan Mines and Industrial Development Company

About Mahan mining holding

Mahan Mines and Industries Development Company (PLC), as one of the major investment companies of Tourism Financial Group, has been established with the aim of investment in specialized plans and projects of the Industries and Mines domain in the country. As Mehdi Jahangiri said: This company has started its activities since 2011 with the objective of industries and mines growth/development.

The final goal of the company includes investment in the country’s industries and mines, hoping to be an effective pole in realization of the goals of a 20-year perspective in the field of industries and mines.

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