Wed. Jul 10th, 2024
Dr. Mohsen Mostafapour, CEO of Ghadir Niriz Steel ComplexDr. Mohsen Mostafapour, CEO of Ghadir Niriz Steel Complex

In the fiscal year ending September 30, 2023, the Neyriz Ghadir Steel Company prioritized the progress and commissioning of its steelmaking unit, as Dr. Mohsen Mostafapour said. The first arc furnace of this unit was completed in April 2023. Without severe electricity restrictions, the unit would have been commissioned in September 2023 with continuous production of steel billets. The steelmaking unit’s construction has been completed and will be launched in the fall of 2023. The steel billet of the Neyriz Ghadir Steel Company will continuously enter the domestic and international markets.

Dr. Mohsen Mostafapour provided additional information regarding the company’s performance.

What has been done in the steelmaking project is the result of round-the-clock efforts of our colleagues at Neyriz Ghadir Steel Company, and the fruits of these development measures will bear fruit in the fall of this year (which coincides with the first half of the current solar year and the first half of the company’s current fiscal year).

Unparalleled position of Neyriz Ghadir Steel Company in the market

Another extraordinary step in Neyriz Ghadir Steel Company’s track record is procuring raw materials and product sales (sponge iron). Neyriz Ghadir Steel Company has been very successful in product sales, done in the most transparent way possible through the commodity exchange. In addition to transparency, it has also generated income. The result of this performance is that today, all experts acknowledge the position of Neyriz Ghadir Steel Company and its influence and role in the market. As a result of this performance, Neyriz Ghadir Steel Company realized significant profits exceeding the budgeted amount, which satisfied shareholder satisfaction.

Appropriate progress in the pelletizing project

The CEO of the Ghadir Niriz Steel Complex stated:

The pelletizing project is also progressing at a good pace. One by one, we are removing the chronic problems that have existed before and need to be solved, and the speed of implementation of this project is currently appropriate. We have solved the issues related to financing and financing, and by reforming the structure of contractors and consultants, we have tried to put the pellet project on the right track.

Dr.Mohsen Mostafapour provided details of the company’s side projects, including commissioning an industrial wastewater treatment plant.

Another major work that has been done in the Neyriz Ghadir Steel Company is the construction and commissioning of the industrial wastewater treatment plant. This plant was defined in most similar projects, i.e., the seven provincial projects, but it still needs to be implemented. Neyriz Ghadir Steel Company is the only local project completed and commissioned. Side projects in the Neyriz Ghadir Steel Company have all been completed.

Connection the water transmission line to the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea

Dr.Mohsen Mostafapour emphasized:

Our goal at Neyriz Ghadir Steel Company is to turn threats into opportunities. In response to the water challenge, we started the sustainable water supply project by connecting to the Persian Gulf with a water transmission line from the Gol Gohar reservoir, which is currently under construction. With the measures taken, in the middle of 2024, this project will be completed, and the water of the Persian Gulf will reach the Neyriz Ghadir Steel Company.

Planning to acquire a mine

The CEO of Neyriz Ghadir Steel Company, Dr.Mohsen Mostafapour, noted:

Another goal we are pursuing is to design and take practical steps to develop a reliable mine, for which we are seeking the cooperation of shareholders; if this action is successful, we will also start the construction of the concentrate plant.

He also said:

Ghadir Niriz Steel complex is also pursuing a plan for listing and initial public offering of shares; with the completion of the relevant work at the end of the fiscal year ending September 2023, the company was registered in the over-the-counter market and with the completion of the process, the initial public offering of shares will also take place.